Selasa, 15 Juli 2014

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Download Game PC Free  - Download games in 2014 is one habit that has become commonplace, especially in Indonesia because of the internet's growing more and more users, especially young people who sometimes take the time to download the game from the game no steam or download free games that do not originak of some websites or blogs that are widely spread in the Internet mainly. Game has become one of the lifestyle that may not be on release in the 14th century. Especially more and more manufacturers are increasingly developing game console game from year to year is always evolving with the game becoming sestuatu new and very cool graphics. 

One of the local game that has been recognized by the world works internasiol is DreadOut game developer who developed the original Indonesian horror game that is very bengere gandrungi in foreign countries, because the story and the graphics are cool and very spur adrenali.

Rose Poem

I’m a little older now
Things have settled down
But I still feel those waves nostalgia
I reminisce and remember
Sipping coffee on the kerb in Kings Road, 67'
Oh those were the days
Aha those were the days

You thought they would last forever
Dreams of freedom and pyschadelia
You thought they would last forever
But they're over Women
Aha my friend those days are over

Driving along the highway
I think back again
I think back to a rebellious time
A time when things were wild
Pogoing at the 100 Club Soho
Watch out for Sid
Oh those were the days
Aha those were the days

You may remember things differently
Maybe things weren’t like that
But I remember through the eyes
Of the rose tinted dreams of a hipster

Back in 86’
Big bang in the city
Big hair, big cells
Loads of money
Enough to take your breath away
Anything was possible back then
Oh those were the days
Aha those were the days

Maybe it wasn’t that great for everyone?
I don’t know
All I know is I’ve never been so free
But those days are over
Aha my friend they’re over

Summer in the 90’s
Is it me or did it last longer back then?
Hotter too?
A simpler world, a safer world
Enough tech, but not too much
We still had our freedom
We still had our privacy

For me,
I can’t look back in anger
But of course I look back
through the rose tinted dreams of a hipster

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